Join The Board

How do I apply to become a member of the PACE Board of Directors?

1. Consider time commitment required. Participation includes:

  • Monthly meetings on the 4th Thursday of every month
  • Involvement in at least one committee
  • Fundraising — assist in planning, coordinating, and attending all fundraising events.

2. Submit your resume to Executive Director

Executive Director will distribute resume to the current Board for their review. It is not necessary, but helpful, if you disclose a disability. We encourage people with and without disabilities to sit on the Board. However, 51% of our board members must have a disability in order for PACE to observe consumer control, a principle tenant of Independent Living Philosophy.

3. Attend 2 board meetings

We give all perspective members the chance to observe the Board in action before deciding to join.

4. The Board votes on the new member

5. Once accepted, meet with Executive Director

The Executive Director provides Independent Living Philosophy orientation, and the new member receives a board training manual.

6. Meet with Board Vice President

The new member completes orientation to the PACE Board and may also be paired with a Board mentor.

Please email or contact us for more information.