Community Reintegration

PACE’s Reintegration Program is designed to assist consumers in moving from institutional settings to a less-restrictive environment of their choice. For example, consumers in long-term nursing facilities who want to return to community living often do not have the income to secure housing or acquire the needed household items. After a 90-day stay in a nursing facility, Social Security income is transferred to the facility, leaving the consumer only $30 per month. The Reintegration Program can help our consumers overcome this barrier.

Reintegration services include assistance with:

  • locating affordable housing and completing applications
  • subsidized housing waitlists options
  • paying first month’s rent, deposits, and application fees
  • reconnecting utility services
  • completing applications for available community benefits [e.g. DASH Pass, SNAP benefits, low-cost internet service etc.].
  • purchasing household items, such as furniture, linens, first-month groceries, etc.
  • purchasing medical equipment if it is not covered by insurance
  • advocating for in-home care
Facilitator and consumer in the PACE office. The faciliitator is holding a clipboard for the consumer as he completes paperwork.

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