Benefits, Housing, Jobs & Transport

At PACE, we understand that there are universal needs our consumers experience at various times on their independent living journeys.  These include securing accessible housing, finding fulfilling work, navigating Social Security and other benefit systems, and obtaining accessible housing and transportation. Below is more detailed information about PACE’s general services. Always committed to a cross-disability focus, PACE staff can assist you in any of these areas no matter your disability or diagnosis.

  • Social Security Benefits
    • learn about the two Social Security Disability Programs:
      • Social Security Disability Insurance [SSDI]
      • Supplemental Security Income  [SSI]
    • application assistance
    • general guidance on appeals processes and next steps after a denial
  • Housing
    • subsidy options
    • accessibility information
    • rent assistance
    • See Housing Services for more information
  • Employment
    • job searching and job application assistance
    • resume/cover letter development
    • interview skills practice
    • resources on disability disclosure in the workplace/reasonable accommodations
    • referrals to Illinois Division of Rehabilitation
    • See Employment Services for more information
  • Transportation
    • information on medical transportation options
    • MTD DASH Pass Disability Verification/MTD’s ADA Application
    • See Transportation Services for more information
  • Benefit Eligibility Questions and Application Assistance
    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program [SNAP]–commonly known as “Food Stamps”
    • Medicaid/Medicare
    • Unemployment benefits
    • LIHEAP

Please email or contact us for more information.