Visual Impairment

The Visual Impairment North of 55 Program is open to all persons who are experiencing a vision loss and desire assistance with independent living services and resources. This program is aimed at those 55 and older, but anyone is welcome–especially spouses, caretakers, and family members.  We offer individual services, as well as ongoing support groups throughout PACE’s 5-county service area. Through the program, consumers discover and test available assistive technology, share common experiences of vision loss, and learn from one another. Those who are 55 and older have access to designated assistive technology items at no cost to help meet their independent living goals. If you are younger, you are welcome to attend and be part of the groups. Although we will not be able to give you the same items, come and enjoy learning.

In VIN 55, we offer information and/or training in:

  • vision and health
  • daily living skills (e.g. reading, telling time, using cooking appliances)
  • low-vision specific products (e.g. magnifiers, reading machines, wearable devices)
  • communication technology (e.g. smart devices, braille)
  • ways to use and adapt computer programs and smart devices [e.g. Amazon Alexa/Google Home Minis, tablets, email, social media, radio, amateur radio, podcasts]
  • safety and self-awareness
  • self-advocacy and systems advocacy
  • socialization opportunities and more!

Staff are always more than happy to provide referrals to available community services, including:

  • orientation and mobility training
  • income tax deductions
  • talking books
  • blind canes
  • veterans assistance
  • Free Matter for the Blind

We are here to help you make adjustments due to your vision loss that foster independence. We look forward to meeting you.

Please email or contact us for more information.