One of the five core services all Centers for Independent Living are required to offer is “Transition.” This service is divided into three primary areas:

1. Community Reintegration: Sometimes people get trapped into a nursing home while recovering from an injury, and because all of their income goes to the nursing home to pay for their care, consumers can lose everything of the life they’ve built. Even after they are medically-stable enough to go home, they can become financially-trapped. Please go to our Community Reintegration Program page to find out how PACE can assist in moving somebody out of a nursing home or other institution.

2. Youth Transition: We offer services to assist youth transitioning from secondary education to post-secondary education, secondary education into work, and re-entering school after not being in school. Please see our Youth Transition page for more details.

3. Community-Based Living Services: These services take place across the range of our programs and are designed to ensure that people do not end up in an institution and continue living in their desired environment. Please contact PACE staff if you, or someone you know, is at risk of being put in an institution, and we can provide assistance to attempt to prevent that from happening.

Please email or contact us for more information.