Youth Transition

What’s up Teens!? Fast Track is a FREE youth transition program focused on helping students age 14-21 develop independent living skills to ease the transition from high School into adult life. Fast Track has been assisting youth with disabilities for almost two years now. The program is funded by the State of Illinois’ Division of Rehabilitation Services.

To qualify for this program, students must meet the following 4 criteria:

  1. Age 14-21
  2. Enrolled in an educational program (High School, GED Program, College, etc.)
  3. Must have an IEP or 504 Plan (or documented medical disability)
  4. Not enrolled in STEP (or other educational DRS program)

Our Fast Track Coordinator is Kharis Gordon (Coach K.G.). Coach K.G. is a University of Illinois graduate who has a lot of experience working with youth on and off the court. He can help you with independent living skills such as:

  • finding a job — searching for jobs, resume building, interview skills, career exploration
  • work-readiness skills
  • searching for and applying to college
  • money management
  • IEP advocacy
  • and many other goals

This is a self-help program. Coach K.G. is here to help you help yourself. Fast Track appointments are planned according to your convenience. Coach K.G. can meet you at school, the PACE office, after-school centers, the library, or at home–wherever it is best for you.

To set up your first appointment or for more information on Fast Track, email or contact us.