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Volunteer Orientation is offered to each volunteer.  We show you around, introduce you to staff and other volunteers.  It is a time to give you some information on the Independent Living Philosophy and find out what kinds of volunteer we have and then which of those jobs you want to do.  Volunteer Handbook goes here

Volunteer Jobs vary from being on the board of directors to folding and collating mailings.  If you like to write you may want to contribute e-letter stories and blogs.   If you just like helping people maybe you would want to consider being a peer counselor or reader for someone with visual impairment.

Accessibility Surveyor:  Measures and inspects assigned sites for access strengths and needs.  (Will train)

Adaptive Cooking Teacher:  Teaches others to use various adaptive equipment and adaptive techniques having to do with cooking.

Cartoonist:  Produces cartoons related to disability and independence,  may wish to collect input from staff, consumers and volunteers.

Companion:  Listen and shares with another individuals

Computer Braille Producer:  Computer Braille will be made using Microsoft Word, a specialized Braille software program – Duxbury, and a specialized Braille computer printer. Volunteers will need to be comfortable with a computer, familiar with Microsoft Word, be comfortable learning to use a new software package, have experience in using a computer scanner, and be willing to learn some Braille. Finished Braille projects may be bound on a mechanical binding machine at PACE. (Will train with specific duties)

Computer Operator:  Uses a word processor to type forms, letters, etc. into a computer.  Having computer knowledge of Microsoft Word, Access, and Excel is very helpful.

Copier Operator:  Makes additional copies of material by photocopying.

Displays or Booths Person :  Increase public awareness of PACE by sitting at the tables and answering questions at booths set up at fairs, seminars, or other events.

Driver :  Drives for persons with disabilities who are unable to drive for themselves.

Files Organizer :  Places papers in correct folders.  Keep the files in correct order.  Identifies any forms that need replenishing in the forms drawer staff uses and assists with labeling or copying.

Flyer Distributor:  Leaves PACE flyers in any place where large groups of people will see them, such as shopping malls, grocery stores, laundromats, etc.

Fundraiser:  Comes up with ideas for fundraising and takes part in implementing them.

Graphic Artist:  Helps in the creation and design of posters, signs, pamphlets, etc.

Housekeeper:  Cleans PACE’s general offices: vacuums, dusts, and cleans the kitchen area, etc.

Library Assistant:  Sorts and labels books, flyers, newsletters, and other library material and stores them in the appropriate areas.  (Will train)

Low Vision Fair Assistant:   Assist the Visual Impairment Coordinator direct and fill the needs of Low Vision Fair Visitors, man the PACE table when staff are away, hand out information.

Mail Collation:  Folds material, staples or tapes, applies addresses and postage to prepare for bulk mailings.

Newsletter Compositor:  Types newsletter articles into computer.  Arranges according to editor’s directions.  Produces finished product.  Having knowledge of Microsoft Word is helpful.

Newsletter Reporter:  Investigates disability related issues, writes stories, reads newspapers and organizational newsletters to find potential stories.

Newspaper Reviewer:  Scans newspapers for articles about disabilities.  Dates materials and gives articles to PACE.

News Release Writer:  Takes facts that are given to him/her and writes announcements/releases that are given out to newspapers, TV and radio stations.

PA Program Volunteer:  Calls Personal Assistants on the PA Referral List to check on their current status and update information.  May call to set up appointments for the program as well.

Peer Counselor:  Assists others with their disability related concerns through listening, emotional support, skills training, role modeling and problem solving.  Attends peer group meetings to report on consumer progress.

Peer Counselor Interest:  Express an interest in being a peer counselor, you may be chosen to attend the 6-8 hour training class.

Peer Visitor:  This is a person who has a disability related experience and handles it in an assertive and rational manner.  They have agreed to speak with people who have similar experiences.  No training required, just a short preparatory discussion.

Phone Trainee:   Answers PACE phones.  Greets visitors as they enter PACE.   Answers questions, and takes messages using multi-line voicemail system.

Possible Board Member:  Interest in serving as a member of the Board of Directors.  Candidate may wish to start as a board committee member to get use to the board roles and responsibilities.  This is a working board and members should have regular access to email  read board packets to prepare prior to each board meeting and share talents that will benefit PACE.  Anyone interested in the board needs to attend 2 PACE board meetings and submit a resume before their membership is voted on.

Reader for persons with Visual Impairments:  Reads books, articles, forms, etc. to persons with vision impairments.  Records books, etc. on cassette tapes as needed.

Reader/Writer:  Helps visually impaired persons to read and respond in writing, particularly on forms and letters.

Resource Investigator:  Investigates questions asked by anyone (staff, other volunteers, consumers) and finds out detailed answers.  Willing to talk on phones as needed.

Shopper:  Assists people with disabilities in obtaining items from stores.

Speaker:  Talks to groups about his/her experiences that relate to PACE philosophy.

Tape Duplicator:  Operates tape duplicator to copy tapes.  Make sure that the person requesting the duplication is notified when the job is done. (Will train)

Travel Trainer:  Helps the consumer with actual use of buses (lifts, bus stops, fares, etc.) and with basics such as fare prices, tokens, how to read the bus schedule, and other types of public transportation available.

Volunteer Facilitator:  Coordinates with Independent Living Coordinator to determine direction and content of the volunteer program.  Implement recruitment plans.  Helps to write job descriptions, updates volunteer lists, and provides evaluations of volunteers.  A minimum of 20 hrs per week is required.


Volunteer Appreciation is important at PACE.   Staff know that our volunteers are here giving us a valuable gift of their time.  We have a volunteer cookie extravaganza each year in December and a volunteer appreciation each year in the Spring.  Throughout the year staff are encouraged to remember our volunteers are here without monetary reward and they should have an idea of why they are here (each having their own individual reasons) and do our best to make it a fulfilling experience.

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