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Responsibilities    The board is the body that guides PACE direction and policy.  As a group they have authority, individually they do not.   For this reason it is important that the members work cooperatively and come to consensus on issues through making motions, discussing and voting.  The board hires and evaluates the Executive Director.  The Executive Director then implements policy and direction in the daily operation of the center.

Meetings   Board members prepare for the meetings by reading the board packet sent to them by the board president one week prior to the meeting .   The board meets the 4th Thursday of each month at 7 pm.  They come prepared to discuss issues they find in the packet or bring their own motions.  Meetings usually consist of Approving the minutes from the last meeting.  Each committee chairperson makes a short report of their activities that month, attention to old and new business items, a short report by the Executive Director.

Committees   Each board member must serve on at least one committeeBoard committees are Annual Meeting, Bylaws, Finance, Long Range Plan, Nominations, Personnel, Resource Development.

How to Apply – Attend 2 board meetings to see how the board operates (call and verify meeting time before attending), turn in a resume to the President of the Board.   Members will review copies of your resume and then vote on making the candidate a member.

Diversity – PACE board members should represent our various counties a variety of disabilities, races and be made up of both male and female members.  Members must be 51% people who have disabilities.  It is desirable to have professionals who can share their skills such as legal, financial, diversity expertise.   It is also desirable to have family members and other interested stakeholders.


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