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Many people with disabilities find that a lack of accessible transportation is a barrier to their independence. Think about all the different ways you use transportation in your daily life: for work, shopping, medical appointments, recreation, family, personal business, etc. Now imagine that multiple modes of transportation exist, but they are just out of your reach because you cannot access them. Maybe you cannot get on the local bus because it does not have a lift, or the lift is not working. Perhaps you are new to town and do not know the local resources. Maybe you do not leave your house or apartment because you are afraid that there is no transportation that will meet your needs.

Don’t give up. Instead, remember that you are not alone. PACE staff can assist you if you choose.

Consumers looking for answers to transportation questions at PACE will:

  • Identify transportation needs
  • Learn advocacy skills
  • Locate community transportation resources
  • Search for adaptive vehicle modifications, available funding, and appropriate vendors

PACE services include:

  • MTD DASH pass certification
  • ADA para-transit application assistance
  • Travel training
  • PACE volunteer driver list
  • Disability awareness training to transportation service providers

PACE does not have funds for transportation, nor is PACE a transportation provider. However, PACE staff may be able to assist you in locating available funding if eligibility requirements are met.

PACE staff continue partnership and advocacy efforts with the Human Services Transportation Plan and the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District’s Long-Range Transportation Plan 2025 to insure equal access for consumers with disabilities to all modes of transportation, now and in the future.

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