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Information and Referral

Knowledge is power.  PACE staff work with consumers to find answers and services.  If we don’t have the answer readily available we very likely know where you can find the answer. Centers for Independent Living are a well known resource across the nation. Because we are operated by many people who have disabilities and we serve people with all types disabilities, we receive a lot of information from organizations that want to reach out to people who have various disabilities with their information and their services.

Just contact us and ask your question.

Voice: 217-344-5433
Video Phone 217-689-0289
TTY: 217-344-5024
FAX: 217-344-2414
Toll Free  1 800 210 0428.

Some of the questions we have answered about disability:

  • Where can I find people who have incontinence issues my husband can talk to?
  • Where can I find help in getting a job?
  • What does PACE do?
  • My mother is having a difficult time since she has lost a lot of her sight, can you help her?
  • How many people with disabilities are there in the Champaign –Urbana area?
  • Where can I find activities of the deaf community?
  • Where can I find a talking watch?  a large print deck of cards?  a liquid level indicator for hot coffee?
  • What is my landlords responsibility if I need a grab bar put in my bathroom?
  • Can my employer fire me because of my disability?
  • Is there a support group for people who have epilepsy?
  • Where can I get a pillow vibrating alarm for the deaf?
  • Can you direct me to accessible housing?
  • Who can has financial assistance to put a ramp on my home?
  • Is there accessible transportation from Danville to Champaign?
  • How can a little person adapt their work environment?
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