PACE provides and teaches advocacy to consumers in two basic formats: Individual and Systemic. Facilitators (staff) meet with consumers to work on individual goals or in groups to work for systems change. PACE encourages consumer control and self-reliance. Peer modeling and interaction works well during advocacy trainings.

Does PACE help people advocate with the Social Security office? Can PACE assist me with accessibility questions regarding the Assembly Hall? As a parent of a child with a disability, can PACE help me advocate for my child’s rights in the school district? Am I allowed to bring my service dog on the bus with me? How can I contact my legislator about the IL budget crisis?

PACE teaches you to be your own advocate, to trust your judgment and remember that you are your own expert, and make informed choices. If you want to become an advocate, one way is to join PACE’s Community Advocacy group called Advocates for Access which meets the Third Wednesday of the month from 3-4 pm.

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