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Web Site Access Tips

Click here to download a pdf of the website access tips for PACE

Web site access tips by the numbers

  • 1 You can click on this area of the site to increase or decrease the overall text size of the site.
  • 2 This is the main navigation of the site. You can mouse over each main heading and the sub-navigation and pages will appear to the right. You can access this navigation by using your mouse, trackpad or by using the right arrow key to move to the next page and the left arrow key to go to the previous page
  • 3 On the home page only, there is an ASL button that will bring up an ASL translation of the content on this page. It is also located at the bottom of the site at location number 11. On all other pages of the website, the ASL video button is located at the bottom of the screen in the same spot as item number 11.
  • 4 This is a search feature. You can insert text into this box to help you find specific information on the website.
  • 5 This section features upcoming events. You can click on the more button to learn more about that featured event as well as to view the events calendar that shows all events associated with PACE.
  • 6 This section of the site features the latest news from PACE. You can click on the more link to read more about this featured news article or to also see previous news posts.
  • 7 Click this link if you wish to donate to PACE and support our organization.
  • 8 You may input your email address and hit subscribe to be added to our email list to stay connected with PACE and get the latest information on our organization and services we offer.
  • 9 You can click on any of these quick links to take you to information provided inside our site. This information can also be accessed from hovering over the main navigation links in item number 2.
  • 10 Click here to learn how to qualify and receive a free amplified phone.
  • 11 Click on the ASL button to bring up a video that will provide an ASL translation of all the content on this page. This button is located in this same location on every page of the website.
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