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Visual Impairment Services

PACE welcomes Bruce Meissner as the newest member of our team, and asks you to welcome him as the new Coordinator of Visual Impairment Services. Bruce returns to PACE after getting his P.h.D in Rehabilitation Science from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

During his PACE career, Bruce has worked with Judy West as an intern the the Visual Imapairment Services program, and has also worked with Hadley in the Personal Assistant Program

If you or anyone you know is experiencing vision loss due to a new or worsening condition, accident, or for any other reason, Bruce would be happy to meet with you to discuss how PACE might be able to help with assistive technology, skills training, peer counseling, or a support group.

In any case, please contact Bruce at 217-344-5433(voice), 217-689-0289(video), or by email at bruce@pacecil.org.

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