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The Table Of Life

So being a foodie, I tend to see many things in an epicurean context, and services for people with disabilities in the Champaign-Urbana area are no different.

When we look at the traditional model for serving those with disabilities, agencies tend to be like that stuffy place where they have a pre-set menu, and they look at you weird if you want to leave off the shallots, or have your steak cooked to medium.

But at PACE on the other hand, offers people  with disabilities in Champaign, Douglas, Edgar, Piatt, and Vermilion counties a wide range of individual ingredients to choose from, and the consumer (person with a disability) builds their own meal.

This idea of a consumer controlled experience makes PACE unique in the East Central Illinois communities which we serve, and is a reason for the success which we enjoy every day in watching people take joy in directing the path of their own lives.

To keep the model vibrant, and the selection varied, PACE needs your help to keep the bins of ingredients stocked, and the chef’s around to whip up the creations of the consumer. Thus, your donation will help PACE fight this era of cutbacks, and will help maintain the table space for our consumers.




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