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The blog is back! This week we’re talking state budget.

Submitted by: Dylan Boot, Independent Living Specialist

We at PACE would like to reintroduce you to the PACE Blog.  Once per week there will be a blog posted on Fridays on various subjects.  We encourage you to check back frequently, read our blogs and, if you’d like, leave a comment on PACE’s Facebook page.

This week’s blog topic is a very serious one.  The state of Illinois still does not have a permanent budget.  In most cases, a budget is a best guess of all your income and costs for a specific amount of time, usually a month or a year.  If you are responsible, you control your costs so that they are less than or equal to your income.

The state’s budget is determined by all politicians and the Governor.  The budget must be decided by July 1st, if it is not then the state is not able pay its bills.  Most years, there is an agreement on the budget and the state pays its bills for that year.  Unfortunately, this year the politicians cannot agree, mostly because the state’s costs are much higher than its income.  Since it’s after July 1st, this means that there is no money available for many social services.

What does this mean for PACE?  Until Illinois passes its budget, PACE will not be getting any money from the state to pay any of its bills.  PACE and its staff are working hard to stay open as long as possible.  We are also working hard to advocate the importance of what we do here at PACE to the Governor and our politicians.  We encourage you to do the same!  Please call, e-mail or write your politicians and tell them to put their differences aside and pass a budget so PACE can stay open.

If you do not know who to contact, call PACE and we will be happy to look this information up for you!

And remember, check back next Friday afternoon for a brand new blog!

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