While the Americans with Disabilities Ace is paving the way for great changes in the lives of us with various disabilities, and deserves celebration, does anyone consider the people who fought for it? To me, the strength, courage, persistence and forward-thinking of the men and women who sacrificed to  make the lives of future generations of people like themselves deserves as much attention as the benefits of the law itself.

For many of us, the idea of being militant, standing up for what we believe or know to be right despite its challenges, — legal and otherwise, — may seem impossible, and even frightening. Many of us have been taught, by society as well as by family perhaps, to not make waves, to be noticed as little as possible. In short, to be invisible.

The movers and shakers who brought about the creation and passing of the ADA weren’t just professionals; they came from all walks of life, and risked whatever was important to them to make things happen.

So, along with recognizing the value of the law itself, let’s celebrate the lives, efforts and power of the people who made it happen, and hope that, like them, we may live with courage, caring and a vision of what the future can hold for all of us.