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Sign of the Times

Contributed by Alan Thomas, Deaf Services Coordinator

We’re changing things up here on the blog! In order to better provide you with helpful information and resources, PACE Staff will be sharing some of our favorite online articles and resources related to disabilities. We encourage you to check out each and every one – we are sure you’ll find them very useful!

Today we’re sharing an article from Scientific American that discusses the value of technology in the lives of the Deaf community. Video calling and apps like Glide or services like FaceTime are incredibly powerful when it comes to helping Deaf people communicate in their primary language of American Sign Language.

Check out the article here! We’d love to hear how technology has helped you or someone you know!

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As you may know, we continue to await a budget agreement from the State of Illinois. Once an agreement is reached and we can once again fully staff our office, we intend to make some much needed improvements to our website. (Hopefully a completely new one!) Until then, please continue to read our blog here and check out our Facebook page for updates on what’s happening at PACE!

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