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Seeing Differently

Submitted by Avi Laird, Low Vision Coordinator

I have heard multiple times, this year, that I have changed lives.

Recently, I have been getting new people to my Low Vision department, on average, one new per each day that PACE has its doors open. And I have been fortunate enough to make a difference in so many of these lives. When you are first going through a new experience; especially a medical one, and do not know where to turn, it seems as if you are alone. When people walk through the doors of PACE, they still may feel that way, but in several of my cases, when they walk out they start seeing things differently.

I have had people come in with anger, because they can no longer drive or other issues, and they feel as if people are treating them as if they can no longer do anything else. This is not the case, as we work together with you, you can do the things you did before, but many times the how is going to be different.

In Low Vision Services, we have the opportunity to work with you in groups, one-on-one, or both. Bringing your support people, family, friends, are always welcomed, if that is what makes you feel comfortable. Or if you prefer, the space we make, can be independent and away from the noise of everything else.

You decide.

I cannot fix your vision, but I can talk to you about changing your outlook, and with that we can work together toward whatever you want to do. We can start as simple as a magnifier – move to getting reading materials or talking devices – and go onto more active lifestyles. I have contacts with everything from Amateur Radio / HAM Radio to a Blind Skiers group!

There are also Low Vision Groups available that allow people to be with others with a form of peer mentoring; where you can ask questions and learn more. Questions like: Who is a good doctor? Will this procedure hurt? How do you find a lost item? Does anyone know where I can get a ride? How do I get transportation? And many more questions…. Feel free to bring your list of questions: PACE Low Vision Group Members have answers. Call PACE for a specific locations and times.

– – –

We’ll see you next week with more from PACE!

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