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Because a lot of rental properties and their schedules are directly tied to the university’s schedule, many housing options have been devoured. But all this means is—Opportunity.

It’s housing season in Champaign-Urbana, and landlords are busy reviewing, refreshing, and remodeling their apartments, duplexes, houses, and townhouses. And during this time, it is important for permanent residents to take an inventory of their housing needs, and be prepared to jump on the opportunities which will make themselves apparent over the coming months.

Over the coming months, newspapers and websites will be full of landlords and tenants offering specials for unused space. From the landlord’s perspective, they don’t want empty properties, and thus will begin to offer rental specials as school gets back into session, and they see that the last minute renters haven’t filled their vacancies.

From the tenant side of the coin, there are always a fairly large number of students who either rent too much space, or simply are not using the space at all. Sometimes, they find new places to live with friends, they don’t comeback, or get kicked out of school.

In any case, they will try to sublet at least a bedroom to attempt to reduce the amount of their expenses, or their overall loss. But in these cases, remember that they are the ones who want something from you, and that they should be willing to give you a deal to help them out.

Once upon a time, I personally got two months of my rent paid for by subletting from a student who decided not to return. But in any case, the moral of the story is; Pay attention for the next several months, there will be deals for the smart shopper as we head through the summer and into early fall.

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