Weekly Resource: Blink Health

Submitted by Nancy McClellan Hickey, PACE, Inc. Executive Director

For today’s Weekly Resource, we’re discussing Blink Health.

About 1/3 of prescriptions are not picked up because the person prescribed the medication cannot
afford it. Prices of prescriptions vary immensely an example is Lipitor. It can range in price from $163.54 to $26.59. With a service that groups patients and leverages their buying power, Blink Health, it can cost as low as $9.94. Prilosec typically costs $19.61 and in Blink it is $6.94.
Blink Health is free app and website (blinkhealth.com) that lets you find the lowest price of 15,000
generic drugs, pay that low price within the Blink App and pick the prescription up at your pharmacy.
There is no membership fee, no monthly cost. There are 60,000 participating pharmacies including
Walgreens, CVS, Target and Walmart. You can save up to 99% on prescriptions.

This is a relatively new endeavor and it is in the first stages. Generic drugs are first, then eventually it will do the same with over the counter drugs. Blink does not coordinate with insurance and you must talk to your insurance company to determine if Blink payments count towards your deductible.

Dr. Oz featured the app on one of his shows and Forbes has also made mention of the unique
entrepreneurial venture.

Weekly Resource: Upcoming FREE Eye and Hearing Testing

Submitted by Kendra Schroder, Independent Living Coordinator

For today’s Weekly Resource, we’d like to share with you some information about a FREE health event coming up in our area! Thanks to the Lion’s Club and Promise Healthcare for making this happen!

Here is the information we received directly from Promise Healthcare:

The Champaign Lions Club and the Lions of Illinois Foundation will provide free Diabetic Retinopathy screenings to help detect early warning of diabetic retinopathy or possible macular degeneration of the eye. The screenings will take place on Thursday, June 9, from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm at Frances Nelson, 819 Bloomington Road in Champaign.

Anyone of any age may be tested, but it is especially important for adults of age 55 and up. If undetected, diabetic retinopathy can have severe visual consequences and even lead to blindness. The screening for diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration is a free service provided by the Lions of Illinois Foundation made possible by donations to local Lions Clubs and the Lions of Illinois Foundation.

The screenings are free and open to the general public. Individuals interested in having their eyes screened and/or hearing tested should register at Frances Nelson when they arrive for the test. Each test will take approximately five minutes and the results will be mailed to each individual. In some cases this test also provides an early indication of diabetes. This is not an eye test like one would do to receive glasses.

“We are pleased that the Lions Club has chosen Frances Nelson to offer this service to our patients and the community as a whole, said Nancy Greenwalt, Executive Director of Promise Healthcare.

“Lions Clubs are the largest service club in the world,” according to Marvin Paulsen, local member of the Champaign Lions Club. “Their main focus is and always has been on eyes, eyesight, and hearing.”

Other projects the Lions Club is involved in is the collection of used eyeglasses, low vision testing, providing eye glasses for people in need, and reducing river blindness. The screening for diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration and hearing is a free service provided by the Lions of Illinois Foundation made possible by donations to local Lions Clubs and the Lions of Illinois Foundation.

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Weekly Resource: ExactCare Pharmacy

Submitted by Sherry Longcor, Reintegration Coordinator

Today’s weekly resource is excellent for someone looking for an easy, convenient option for receiving their prescriptions. Check out Exact Care Pharmacy – great local service is available, and prices are comparable to your current walk-in pharmacy!


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Weekly Resource: BridgingApps.org

Submitted by Jermaine Raymer, PACE Program Director

Bridging Apps is a website which specializes in mobile applications for persons with disabilities. They have a massive list of apps which are broken out by disability, what task they help with, price, operating system, and so on. Further, many of the apps are tested by people with the relevant disability to truly test their effectiveness. This website is a great resource for anyone looking to find mobile applications designed specifically to tackle the particular barrier someone is facing.

Visit www.bridgingapps.org to find out more!

Weekly Resource: Luminosity

Weekly Resource Submitted by: Dylan Boot, Independent Living Specialist

Luminosity is a site where you can go and exercise your mind by playing brain games. The free version has three free games that will test your memory, attention and mental speed and it will show you how you stack up against other people your age. Coming back and playing these games on a regular basis will keep your brain healthy and fit. Using your brain in this manner will greatly benefit you as you age and may even prevent conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia from developing.

Try it out today! visit www.luminosity.com to learn more.


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