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Diversity Advisory – assures we are doing what we can to be an organization with diverse members, consumers, staff, board, and volunteers.

Personal Assistant Advisory – assures we are running a program for personal assistance that meets the needs of consumers who use PAs, consumers who are PAs and is beneficial to Personal Assistants.  We do this by including the people who use the program in the planning.

Deaf Advisory Committee – DAC plans programs for the deaf community.  DAC is made up of members of the deaf community.

Developmental Disabilities Advisory –  suggestions from people with developmental disabilities who are served by Opportunities for Independence as to what the program should provide to assist their independence.

Reintegration Advisory- People who have moved out of nursing home through CRP or MFP Reintegration programs communicate any program flaws or highlights to help the Reintegration Specialists improve the program.  Many of the members are only able to attend by phone conference.

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