PACE Homeownership Coalition

Q – What is the PACE Homeownership Coalition?
A – The PACE Homeownership Coalition for People with Disabilities is based on Independent Living philosophy, and promotes greater accessibility to homeownership for households with members who have disabilities. The group also includes many community organizations as partners and participants.
Q – What is the Homeownership Coalition’s Mission?
A – The Homeownership Coalition’s mission is to identify eligible candidates and assist households who have members with disabilities in purchasing their own homes, promoting inclusion in community with the highest level of independence desired by people with disabilities.

Q – What services does the Homeownership Coalition offer?

  • Information and Referral
  • Individual Accessibility Needs Assessment
  • Advocacy and other assistance through the home buying process
  • Linkage to financial assistance for home purchase/modification (depending on availability of resources and consumer eligibility)
  • Education throughout and after home buying process
  • Technical Assistance related to home accessibility
  • Peer Counseling from individuals who have completed the Homeownership Program¬†Presentations related to the ADA, disability awareness, barriers to accessible housing and homeownership faced by people with disabilities, the components of successful home buying, etc. Presentations and trainings can be tailored to group or community needs, and are available from a diverse group, including people with disabilities, realtors, housing specialists, and others.

Q – Who is eligible to receive homeownership assistance?
A – Anyone may receive Information and Referral, or Technical Assistance related to increasing housing accessibility for people with disabilities.

People with disabilities and their families may be use the homeownership assistance component of the program, and may access the full range of services. However, financial assistance toward down payment, closing costs, home modification or repair costs, etc., depends on the availability of funds and eligibility of consumers for specific financial assistance programs. Some programs are available only to first-time homebuyers or individuals or families becoming homeowners for the first time in three years.  Many are geared toward low-income families. When funds are available, they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, dependent on the completion of all necessary paperwork and requirements.

The Homeownership Coalition primarily promotes first-time homeownership, but as it is part of the PACE Housing Education and Advocacy commitment, technical assistance, Information and Referral and educational opportunities for individuals and agencies can also be provided.

Q – What are the requirements for consumers of the program?

  • Be or become a PACE consumer
  • Participate in an Accessibility Needs Assessment with PACE staff
  • Financial Education, developing a budget, obtaining a credit score
  • Home Buyer Education Course and Certificate
  • Qualifying Disability Verified and Signed off by treating physician
  • Home Maintenance and Home Management Education
  • Self-evaluation 6 and 12 months after home purchase through PACE survey, to determine household needs related to housing

Q – Who are the Homeownership Coalition Partners?
A – PACE is joined in this cause by a number of community agencies that have signed Memorandums of Understanding, including: Bank Champaign, BankIllinois (Main Street Bank and Trust), Busey Bank, The Center for Women in Transition, The City of Champaign, The City of Urbana, Champaign Consortium, Champaign County Association of Realtors, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Illinois, Cunningham Township Supervisor’s Office, DHS- Division of Rehabilitation Services, First Federal Savings and Loan of Champaign-Urbana, Habitat for Humanity of Champaign and Piatt Counties, Hickory Point Bank and Trust, The Housing Authority of Champaign County, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance, Metanoia Centers, Inc., ¬†Partnership Accounts for Individual Development (PAID), and Summit First Financial.

Q – What are the benefits to agencies/organizations that become Partners?
A – Agencies and organizations with stakes in housing can increase their effectiveness in meeting the needs of people with disabilities through the networking, collaboration, education, and other opportunities provided through partnership. Additionally, partners are put on the PACE mailing list, and receive the PACE newsletter.
Q – Can organizations/groups participate without being Partners?
A – Yes! Individuals and community representatives may contact the Program Director for more information.

Q – How can the PACE Homeownership Coalition be contacted?
A-(217) 344-5433 Voice

(217) 689-0289 Videophone
(217) 344-5024 TTY
(217) 344-2414 Fax


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