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Communication Technology and Techniques

Some ideas to think about:

Deaf Communication Technology

  • Pagers
  • Sorenson VP-200
  • TTYs
  • Relay
    Video Relay Service – VRS
    Video Remote Interpreting – VRI
    Traditional /Text Relay –TRS

Vision Loss Communication Technology

  • Braille, Large Print, Cassette, electronic communication
  • See Computer Accessibility
  • Free Directory Assistance for Visually Impaired
  • Adapted ASL for Deaf-Blind consumers
  • Radio Reader
  • Talking Books
  • Writing guides and aids (bold line paper, check writing guides, )

Mobiliy Impairment

  • Writing Splints
  • built-up grips for pens

Cognitive impairment

  • A chart or book of facial expressions and what they
  • Picture boards
  • Homemade sign language for simplicity
  • common vocabulary and shorter sentences

Speech Involvement

  • Speech-to Speech Relay
  • Voice-Over by Friend
  • Recorded Message in augmentative Communication Device
  • Pencil and paper


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