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Disability Employment Awareness Month

Submitted by Kendra Schroder, Independent Living Coordinator

Personally, October is my absolute favorite month. We celebrate our wedding anniversary and my husband’s birthday, there are pumpkin-flavored pastries and apple cider overflowing store shelves, the air is crisp, the leaves are turning, there are bonfires and hayrides galore… What’s not to love about this month?

In addition to all of the lovely October goodies listed above, did you know that October is also Disability Employment Awareness Month? This month, we celebrate the contributions made to the workforce by people with disabilities. If it weren’t for people like Ed Roberts, Judy Heumann, and Justin Dart (all people with disabilities whose work was invaluable to the disability rights movement), my coworkers and I would not be here today. Because Ed, Judy, and Justin focused on what they could do instead of what they couldn’t do, people with disabilities now have a voice and a chance to demonstrate the contributions they are able to make to the workforce today. It is our responsibility to continue to ensure people with disabilities are able to work if they choose. We are MORE than our disabilities. We are real individuals with real skills, knowledge, talents and the educational and/or vocational background to contribute greatly to the world around us. May we never assume a person is less capable simply because they are blind, or deaf or use a wheelchair. May we give EACH person with a disability the chance to show just how great their contributions can be.

PACE plans to begin a job skills training group for people with disabilities in the near future. Please stay tuned and call us if you have questions.

I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” – Anne of Green Gables


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