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American Sign Language Class

ASL Class meets for two hours, one day a week for twelve weeks. Classes are taught by a Deaf Instructor from PACE, Inc. Students learn both expressive and receptive ASL skills that will help them communicate with individuals who are Deaf (whether family, friends, or community members). The course includes making introductions, exchanging information, talking about family and activities, and includes discussion of characteristics of the deaf community and deaf culture.

Cost: $100 per person; $175 for 2 adults; $140 for adult and minor child; other group rates are available upon request

If you are interested in American Sign Language classes, please call PACE, Inc. at (217) 689-0289 or email Jherilyn to register.

Our next ASL class will start February 19, 2019 (Tuesdays 6-8 PM) for 12 weeks (with exception of March 19 during Spring Break).

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