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Deaf Services is committed to providing peer support, skills training, information, referral and advocacy for persons who are Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, Late-Deafened, Deaf-Blind of all ages.

  • Access Deaf Services focuses on promoting equal treatment for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing residents in education, employment, legislation and any other field pertaining to or affecting the D/HH in their pursuit of economic security, social equality, and their rights and privileges as residents.
  • Rights We protect the rights of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing residents and promote awareness, independence, social, community involvement, productivity, and integration into the community.  PACE, Inc. seeks to eliminate societal and communication barriers to improve equal access for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Deaf Advisory Committee (DAC)  is a committee of people who are deaf that advise PACE on what services are needed for people who are deaf and how to provide them.   DAC also offer support groups for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. DAC also provide education training on health, financial, employment, legislation, through deaf and hearing speakers using an interpreter as needed..
  • Resources   Deaf Services has many resources such as American Sign Language books & DVD, technology  or equipment (Clock Alarm, smoke detectors, etc.), deaf organizations, service animals.
  • Interpreter Referral List   PACE provides a list of interpreters for businesses, organizations and agencies. The list is updated every 3 months.  PACE works with the Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission to follow the Interpreter for the Deaf Licensure Act of 2007.
  • The Interpreter for the Deaf Licensure Act of 2007   The Interpreter for the Deaf Licensure Act of 2007 was effective on September 12, 2007.  The law requires interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing must have a color-coded license in order to provide interpreting services after January 1, 2009.
  • American Sign Language Classes   ASL Class meets for an hour and half one day a week for twelve weeks.  Classes are taught by a Deaf instructor from PACE, Inc. and students learn both expressive and receptive ASL skills that will help them communicate with Deaf friends or family members.  The course includes making introductions, exchanging information, talking about family and activities and includes discussion of characteristics of the deaf community and deaf culture. Cost of the class is around $40 and includes ASL handouts (Please call PACE, Inc. for current rate).  If you are interested in American Sign Language classes, please call PACE, Inc. and ask that your name be added to the list. An ASL class will start in January, June and September.  The Flyers below are also under our Deaf Services “American Sign Language Classes” schedule section.  Please call PACE, Inc. for more information at (217) 344-5433 Voice, (217) 344-5024 TTY, (217) 344-2414 Fax or (217) 689-0289 videophone.
  • Accessible Contact   For more information about Deaf Services, please feel free to call PACE, Inc. Deaf Services at (217) 344-5433 Voice, (217) 344-5024 TTY, (217) 689-0289 Videophone, or (217) 344-2414 Fax.   Our Deaf Services Coordinator is fluent in sign and several other staff can communicate through sign language, including the Office Manager in the reception area.
  • Information in Deaf Community  Deaf Services can provide  information where a person  can participate in deaf organizations.   PACE Deaf Services Coordinator  works closely with the deaf organizations.   Deaf Services also has a list of events to attend. See the PACE e letter for upcoming events

Hard of Hearing Services

Free Amplified Phones  are available to qualified individuals from

ITAC ( Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation)


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