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Community Reintegration

The Community Reintegration Program is designed to reintegrate individuals between the ages of 18 – 59 who are interested in moving back into the community from a nursing facility setting, and are only barred by their financial situation from doing so.

The Community Reintegration Program is intended to be a one-time process to help with the initial set up of basic living arrangements, as well as linkages to services needed to live independently.

What the Community Reintegration Program can do for nursing home residents:

–         Locate and secure affordable housing

–         Assist with the first month’s rent and deposit

–         Provide household items

–         Provide assistive equipment and devices

–         Arrange home remodeling for safe living environment

–         Provide training in independent living skills

–         Make referrals of personal assistant services

–         Provide personal assistant management training

–         Provide case management

–         Provide advocacy and peer support

For more information about the Community Reintegration Program contact Chris Bott or Sherry Longcor at 217-344-5433

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