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Submitted by Kendra Schroder, Independent Living Coordinator

I spent over a decade of my career working in hospitals. As regulations changed and policies were updated, we were at times inundated with new trainings and information to remember. One training I recall specifically was an “Accountability Training” designed for the entire hospital staff. When we all heard we were assigned to attend this training, we scoffed a bit. Accountability?? Are we not accountable every day simply by showing up to work and completing our assigned tasks? We later learned that the point of the Accountability Training was about taking responsibility for more than just showing up, clocking in, and clocking out. It was about learning to say “I’ll own that” when a situation got tough and no one wanted to follow-up on it. Accountability means taking charge, taking responsibility, and “owning it” when it would be much easier to forget about it.

Let’s face it – it can be really hard sometimes to do more than “show up” in life. Perhaps you have a disability that makes it difficult to focus, or one that causes pain or decreased mobility. Perhaps you are stressed about how to pay for prescriptions or medical bills, when you know you really should be focusing on the task at hand, whatever it may be. The bottom line is, even if we have extenuating circumstances, chances are, we still have something in our life or our workplace that requires us to show up and “own it” – to be accountable.

If you need a partner in accountability, consider meeting with a PACE facilitator. We can help you set goals and hold yourself accountable for achieving them. It can be something as simple as sticking to a workout plan to improve your health, or as intimidating as learning to be an advocate for yourself or another person with a disability, or as complex as locating the right kind of assistive technology to adjust to a visual deficit. A PACE facilitator can be the person you report back to about the progress YOU are driving in your life. We can help you set goals and organize the steps to take to achieve them. We can’t do it for you, but we can be there with you and help you hold yourself accountable for your own independent living plan. Accountability is an important life skill that you can master to improve your independence and your long-term success. Sometimes all it takes is having another person on your team, and at PACE, we hope to be that for you.

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Speaking of accountability, don’t forget to call our leaders in Springfield, who should all be held accountable for the tasks we voted them into office to complete. Illinois needs a budget. Centers for Independent Living like PACE need a budget. We encourage you to contact Springfield today and remind your legislators that Centers of Independent Living are doing their work, and that our lawmakers should be as well. Tell them to pass a budget that includes funding for Centers of Independent Living and People With Disabilities.

Use this link and type in your address to find contact information for your local legislators.
Or you can call, write, or fax a message to Governor Rauner:

207 State Capitol Building
Springfield, IL 62706
Phone: 217-782-0244
Fax: 217-524-4049

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