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Weekly Resource: Blink Health

Submitted by Nancy McClellan Hickey, PACE, Inc. Executive Director

For today’s Weekly Resource, we’re discussing Blink Health.

About 1/3 of prescriptions are not picked up because the person prescribed the medication cannot
afford it. Prices of prescriptions vary immensely an example is Lipitor. It can range in price from $163.54 to $26.59. With a service that groups patients and leverages their buying power, Blink Health, it can cost as low as $9.94. Prilosec typically costs $19.61 and in Blink it is $6.94.
Blink Health is free app and website (blinkhealth.com) that lets you find the lowest price of 15,000
generic drugs, pay that low price within the Blink App and pick the prescription up at your pharmacy.
There is no membership fee, no monthly cost. There are 60,000 participating pharmacies including
Walgreens, CVS, Target and Walmart. You can save up to 99% on prescriptions.

This is a relatively new endeavor and it is in the first stages. Generic drugs are first, then eventually it will do the same with over the counter drugs. Blink does not coordinate with insurance and you must talk to your insurance company to determine if Blink payments count towards your deductible.

Dr. Oz featured the app on one of his shows and Forbes has also made mention of the unique
entrepreneurial venture.

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